'Vladimir' (real name unknown) was an assassin who attempted to capture Van Helsinki during the events of the fanfiction Van Helsinki: Before the Storm.

'Vladimir' is described as 'experienced'. He stations himself at the exit to the hotel, armed with his MP40, and blows up Van's car when the detective tries to escape. 'Vladimir' zipties and then handcuffs Van, but is interrupted when Sophia shoots several of his men. 'Vladimir' drags Van to a car and tries to drive away, but Van crashes the car and 'Vladimir' is thrown through the windscreen. He and Van both draw backup pistols, but before 'Vladimir' can fire, he is killed by Sophia from behind.



Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • 'Vladimir' is described as not being Russian, and having been sent by men who wanted Van dead, though who they is is left unsaid.
  • Despite being called 'the assassin' within the story, 'Vladimir' does not kill anybody, instead capturing Van.