Albulka was a gang boss and enemy of Van Helsinki in the fanfiction Van Helsinki: This Night, and an unseen oppponet preceding the events of the fanfiction Van Helsinki: Before the Storm. He is also mentioned in Van Helsinki: The Second Epilogue. Van and Professor Ford take down much of Albulka's gang during This Night and Van Helsinki: One Night. Van finds Albulka, and manages to non-fatally shoot him, then follows the trail of blood. He and Ford arrest Albulka, only to have his gang break in and rescue him. Albulka fled overseas, but was dealt with by Van and Sophia before Before the Storm begins, and is only mentioned in a throaway line by Van to the Inspector: 'The money was done, and Albulka was finished'. Van states that he ended up 'in several pieces'. In The Second Epilogue, Van reveals that while he was hunting Albulka, he learned the Egyptian Arabic for 'goodbye', implying that Albulka was based in Egypt.


Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • It is possible that the reference to 'money' and Albulka being 'done' are a reference to the James Bond film Casion Royale, as a terrorist banker is 'done' when his money is 'finished' (i.e. gone) in the film. Said film also featured a Ugandan warlord called Obanno, who may be the model for Albulka (hence the similar sounding names).
  • Albulka was one character who was fleshed out by This Night, as before his he had no physical appearance during a fanfiction.