Depiction of Sophia, with the scoped Beretta 92 variant.

For the weapon used during the film Van Helsinki, see here.

The Beretta 92 variant was a weapon used by Sophia during the events of the fanfiction Van Helsinki: Preparations, and by Van Helsinki during Van Helsinki: Wasting. Sophia is given the pistol by Van while working undercover. Sophia tapes the weapon under the desk in their hotel room. Van Helsinki also uses the pistol during Wasting, when he draws it to shoot a cannibal who attacks him. The weapon is held, with an attached scope, by Sophia on the picture cover of the fanfiction Van Helsinki: Before the Storm. Sophia does not use a Beretta in this fanfiction, instead using a Dragunov and Colt Vest Pocket.

Beretta Auto 9

Beretta 92 variant


Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

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