Chef is a 'somewhat stout, sturdily-built man' who works with Van Helsinki and Sophia in the police force during the events of the fanfiction Van Helsinki: Before the Case. Chef is not definitely a chef, and according to Van nobody is sure how he came by this name, and there is a bet circulating about whether he ever was one. Chef is a master at chess, easily beating Sophia even when ill with food poisoning. He is described by Van as a 'capable gambler' and 'something of a tactical genius'. He is a 'consumate shot' and about Van's level, according to Van himself. Van says that he knows for certain that Chef can strangle a man by crushing his windpipe with his bare hands.


Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • Chef is one of the few characters who is given a name of sorts and does not hold a weapon in all the Van Helsinki fanfictions.
  • Chef is also one of the few characters who probably works in the same department as Sophia, Van and presumably Ford.

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