The 'cleaners' are a group of three men who had been hired to enter the house of Professor Ford, kidnap her, and burn it down during the events of the fanfiction Van Helsinki: The Hunt,. Two of these men, wearing balaclavas, drew up in a car a few days after Ford's disappearance, and came into the house. Van Helsinki, already in the house, was attacked by one man already inside the house, who was blinded by Van's use of a mug. One of the two 'cleaners' who had just entered was shot by Van, and the other was taken hostage after a hand-to-hand fight with the detective. Van interrogates the last man, and then takes the man already inside the house captive and drives him outside of the city. Van interrogates this man, who reveals that he was given a number to call when he had kidnapped Ford. When Van calls the number, he reaches a voicemail from ComsSecc. Van tells the last cleaner to 'run', then drives off.


Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • The reveal that these men had powerful backers ties them in with the Conspiracy.

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