A Colt M1917 revolver, similar to the one used by Van Helsinki

The Colt M1917 revolver is a gun used by Van Helsinki during the events of the fanfictions Van Helsinki: One Night and Van Helsinki: This Night. Van draws the weapon when he first sees Albulka, and manges to shoot him once non-fatally. Later, he and Professor Ford are investigating the trail of blood which Albulka has left, and Van draws the weapon during the arrest. The weapon is decribed as 'heavily modified', and was compact to facilitate quicker drawing.


Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • This is the only issued revolver that Van ever carries in the fanfictions.
  • Word of God says that the revolver's modifications included a less jutting hammer, and that it held eight chambers of 9mm rounds, instead of the ususal six chambers of .45 rounds.

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