The Conspiracy goons are a group of men who worked with or were hired by the Conspiracy to assassinate or injure figures close to Van Helsinki. They tried to blind Svetlana during Van Helsinki: Interim, worked with Henry Trent to kill Sophia during the events of the fanfic Van Helsinki: Collateral, attempted to murder Inspector Someone-Who-Is-Not-David-Bowie during Van Helsinki: The Big Cheese, and who plotted to kill Van Helsinki during the events of the fanfiction Van Helsinki: Over. They were derogatarily described by Trent as mostly being 'petty murderers'. Three of the men were killed by Van Helsinki when they tried to blind Svetlana, and another was shot when Van saved the Inspector. Two of the men killed each other by accident while trying to kill Sophia, and the third was shot by Sophia non-fatally, and then by a sniper (possibly Trent himself), killing him. Later, several of the men were killed by Sophia when she entered the building to stop the assassination attempt against Van. One was shot 'in the leg' only, but given the explosion which occurred shortly after, it is same to assume that the goon died in that if they had not already succumbed to their wounds.



Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • It is assumed that the hired men may have been similar to Frank D'Urbino and Manny, thugs hired to work with 'Vladimir', another assassin with poweful backers.
  • The men and women who tried to kill Van who are mentioned in the fanfiction, such as the sniper who was shot by him and a woman, and the men sent after Sophia in Collateral, are assumed to have been part of the same group.

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