Edward's goons are the henchmen of Edward de Furta in the fanfiction Van Helsinki: Another Leap. They drag Van Helsinki to the meeting with Edward, and have presumably captured Sophia before. One of them hands Van the flintlock pistol he uses to escape. They are described as armed with 'pistols' and 'submachine guns'. At least one carried a Taurus PT92 which Van took from him. Van kills at least two of the goons, and injures all the rest. Their fate after Van leaves is unknown, as they are never mentioned again.



Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • Despite there being six of these goons, and Van killing two, injuring another two with bullets, stamping on one's face, and breaking the gun or back of the other, the goons are not mentioned when Van returns to the cellar to rescue Sophia, so their fate is unknown.