Fay Loren carries a selection of weaponry only second to Van Helsinki in the film. Overall, she carries four weapons, but unlike Van, she fires all of them, making her equal to him in number of guns fired in the film.


  • Beretta Raffica - This appears to be one of Fay's main guns. She is not seen with it until the house raid, making it likely that this is the same Beretta as carried by Van Helsinki, and given to Fay after the gunfight. Fay uses this to shoot Woman, and then to have a gunfight with Man and Jim. It either runs dry or is discarded in favour of the M4 during said gunfight, and Fay never uses the weapon again.
  • M4A1 - Fay carries the M4 as her primary rifle. It is loaded up with all of Fay and Van's weapons before the raid, though Fay only draws it during the gunfight with Man and Jim, where it is used to 'kill' both of them. Bizarrely, Fay has to load and cock the M4 again when she draws it, which could be explained by her keeping it unloaded, though in a combat situation this seems unwise. Even more oddly, this M4 appears to have both a side-mounted cocking handle (not standard for an M4) and a pump-action feature, as shown just before Jim is shot.
  • P99 - The P99 is carried by Fay in a thigh-holster for most of the film. She draws it to fight Man and Jim along with her Beretta. The P99 is discarded by Fay when it either runs dry or jams in favour of the M4.
  • Magnum revolver - The Magnum is carried by Fay in her other thigh holster opposite the P99. It is primarily used in the gunfight between her and Van Helsinki, where its bullet is knocked out of the air by Van's shot.

Close-combat weaponsEdit

  • Stake - Fay has at least one stake (and is implied to have more), but she never gets the chance to use it.
  • Hoe - Fay uses a hoe while she is brainwashed by Geoff Vampire. She twirls it with skill and dexterity.


Fay appears to favour precison shooting over suppressive fire, as evidenced in her shooting during her duel with Man and Jim. Fay uses two thigh holsters, for no real benefit over hip holsters, but combined with her M4 this could suggest a weapon choice based on money and 'coolness' as opposed to practicality. Fay apparently keep her M4 unloaded at all times, and once appears to have deliberately unloaded it after the lock and load montage.