Henry Trent, also known as 'Tredskow', was an assassin working for mysterious and rich backers to assassinate Van Helsinki during the events of the fanfiction Van Helsinki: Over. He also hired killers to kill Sophia during the events of Van Helsinki: Collateral. Trent was highly trained and highly paid. He worked with several other minor 'petty murderers', though Trent ignored their suggestions as to how Van was to be assassinated. He attempted to snipe Van in his apartment, but was interrupted when Sophia killed his men. Trent gained the upper hand in a fight against her, shooting her in the arm, but he was shot in the shoulder by Van and then killed by Sophia with his own weapon. However, he had somehow rigged a bomb to blow after his death, and when his body was turned over by Sophia, it went off, killing her.



Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • Henry Trent was originally supposed to be the real life alias of 'Vladimir', and the story was scheduled as a prequel to Van Helsinki: Before the Storm. Both are assassins hired by powerful and mysterious backers to kill Van.
  • Trent is the first adversary to manage to kill a character in any fully canon fanfiction (Fay manages to kill Van and the Inspector in 'What If' and Van killed Fay in 'Mind of Madness'.

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