The Italian Operator was a character who was heard and not seen in Van Helsinki.

The Italian Operator's only (vocal) appearance is when Van Helsinki first wakes up. The Operator tells Van that it's not good news and that the Inspector wants to see him. Van then hangs up. The Operator is not heard again.


Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • The Italian Operator replaced the Police Operator character in the final film.
  • His voice was provided by Paul Reynolds, the actor playing Van Helsinki.
  • The Italian Operator is thus not only the only character not to be in the script, but in the final film, but also the only 'heard-but-not-seen character' in the finished film too.
  • According to Word of St. Paul, the Italian Operator's name was Pavel. The novelisation refers to him in the same way, and adds that Van thought he seemed 'more interested in coffee and women than.annoying [Van, by waking him up]'.
  • He is not listed in the credits of the film, and thus the name 'Italian Operator' itself is Word of St. Paul.