An M1911 of the sort used by Van Helsinki

For the weapon used in the film Van Helsinki, see here .

The M1911 was a pistol carried by Van Helsinki during the events of the fanfictions Van Helsinki: Wasting, Van Helsinki: Mind of Madness and Van Helsinki: What If. Van used it to shoot a cannibal when he was attacked by several in a barn during Wasting. Van dropped the weapon when the adrenaline he felt interferred with several drugs he was on at the time. Van later used the M1911 to shoot Fay Loren during Mind of Madness, and, in an alternative retelling of the same event, tried to shoot her with it in What If, where the gun jammed, sparking off the story. The pistol was later used, still broken, by Professor Ford, to beat Fay to death with.


  • Van Helsinki (Wasting, Mind of Madness, What If)
  • Professor Ford (What If)

Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • This is the weapon used by Van Helsinki during the film Van Helsinki.

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