The M4A1 over Fay's back.

The M4A1 is carried by Fay throughout most of her appearances in Van Helsinki. The M4A1 is only truly ever used in the gunfight against Man and Jim, where it is used to 'kill' both of them. However, the M4A1, unlike Van Helsinki's weapons at the time, appears to have been taken with Fay during her capture, as it can be seen on one of the side tables in Geoff's lair. Its final appearance is during Fay's last scene, when it is on her back as she is gunned down by Van Helsinki.


Behind the scenes and trivia:

  • The gun was nicknamed Helga by the cast and crew.
  • It is one of the only guns (along with Norty Nigel and the AK's) to not be a pistol in Van Helsinki.
  • The M4A1 seen in Van Helsinki seems to be some kind of modified weapon, as Fay both appear to pull a cocking handle on the gun twice (which a normal M4 would not have) and also pumps the barrel before shooting Man. How this weapon actually work is thus a mystery.
  • Mischareload

    Fay reloads her M4A1

    Fay appears to keep her M4 unloaded, bizarrely, and she loads and cocks the weapon in the house raid even after being shown to load and cock it in the 'loading up' montage before.
  • Fay is mentioned as carrying the M4 before Van shoots her in Van Helsinki: Mind of Madness.

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