Makarov pistol, though this one has a hammer

The Makarov was a Russian pistol carried by Van Helsinki during part of the fanfiction Van Helsinki: Before the Case, and then in Van Helsinki: Preparations. Van was given the weapon by his armourer M. de Sadre. Sadre describes the weapon as 'Small, reliable' and that it is also hammerless, making it 'quick on the draw'. However, Van does not fire the weapon, leaving it in his hotel room, taped under his bedside table, when he and Sophia are attacked. Once Van arrives at his destinatino in Preparations, he places the weapon in one of his suit jacket pockets.


Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • The Makarov being explicitly hammerless is reminisicent of a weapon which appears in one of the Mists of Crime film scenes, held by Paul Reynolds who played Van Helsinki.

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