Memories is a fanfiction on It details some of the early life of Van Helsinki and Geoff Vampire.




The fanfiction tells of Van and Geoff growing up together. Van wanted to join 'the force', and he and Geoff were 'distant friends'. Van seems to have been going out with a girl called Rachel. The summer before they all split up, the three all met up to spend a day together, which presumably cumlinated in the events of the Fete. The fanfction also mentions Van wanting to be a cowboy, and how he needed his persistance to keep up with Geoff, who was always faster than him.

Connection to other worksEdit


  • This is the only fanfiction which does not have the 'Van Helsinki:' prefix to it.
  • It is the first fanfiction not directly involving the events of the film to feature Geoff.

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