Mr. Løren (first name never revealed) was a 'family man' who was Fay Løren's father and kicked off the entire plot of Van Helsinki.

Early lifeEdit

Mr. Løren, earlier, had married Esmé, a psychiatrist. They had a daughter called Fay. Mr. Løren appears to have had some sort of gambling problem, and he got very involved with 'the wrong types'.


Mr. Løren got involved in a 'spot of bother' during his gambling with a man named Geoff. Løren owed Geoff his soul, and Geoff arrived at his house to take it. However, Løren had also called the police, and they sent Van Helsinki and Professor Ford to sort things out. Geoff, seeing the pair, killed Løren and Helsinki opened fire. In the confusion, both Esmé and Fay were presumed dead.


Mr. Løren's upstanding debts to Geoff (Løren's soul) prompted the Vampire to hunt down his daughter Fay, whom Geoff knew had survived the shootout. This in turn prompted the whole plot of Van Helsinki.


Behind the scenesEdit

  • 'Løren' is often written 'Loren' in the script due to the 'ø' making the name a hassle to write out.
  • Mr. Løren is never seen on screen.
  • Much of the information contained here is from an early draft of the script, which went into more detail about the Loren Case, including a flashback.
  • His name is prononunced in various ways, 'L-ehr-en' by Van Helsinki, 'Law-ren' by Inspector Someone-Who-Is-Not-David-Bowie, and 'Lo-Ren' by Fay. Word of God says the first was supposed to be the correct pronunciation, but that events during filming lead to the disparity.