The Novelty themed stripper was one of a few characters whose existance is implied but is never seen in Van Helsinki

The Novelty themed stripper seems to have been a regular visitor to Man and Woman's house , as neither think of the stripper instantly when they hear a knock at the door, so it is unlikely they were specifically expecting him or her.

It is never specified which gender the novelty themed stripper is, although considering that Man and Woman think Geoff Vampire is the stripper, male seems more likely. As the real stripper never appears, it is never mentioned what happened to him or her, whether Geoff killed them or they just never turned up. Fay also seems to know about the stripper's presence, though how exactly is never specified either.


Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • The stripper is one of the few characters to be mentioned but never seen or heard, along with Mr. Loren.
  • CreepyMan

    A possible stripper?

    Interestingly, some of the audience of the film wondered whether Creepy Man was the novelty themed stripper. 

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