The P99, from a production shot

The P99 is a German-made handgun, produced by Walther. In Van Helsinki it is visible first in Van Helsinki's car boot when he 'tools up' before going into the village. Van Helsinki's model never reappears, and he never uses it. The P99 is most notably used by Fay on her right thigh holster, often dual wielded with the Magnum she carries on her left thigh. The P99 is used in the fight against Man and Jim, and is lost after Fay is captured. It seems to reappear when Fay and Van go after Geoff, but when Fay is shot by Van, the gun is presumably left with her corpse.

Used by:

Behind the scenes and trivia:

  • The P99 used in this film was named 'Cornetto' (presumably after the 99 ice cream).
  • It was originally blue, and was painted black for the film.
  • The P99 disappears from Van Helsinki's holster when he enters the village.
  • Also see P99 (fanfiction) for the weapons use in fanfiction.