Paul Reynolds in the summer of 2013

Paul Reynolds is the actor who played Van Helsinki and voiced the Italian Operator in the film Van Helsinki. He was a friend of the director Matthew Edwards, as was the rest of the cast. He also designed and created virtually the entire Van Helsinki Wikia, and has written a novelisation of the film and a Van Helsinki script, both as yet unpublished.


  • He shares a birthday with the director, Matthew Edwards.
  • Paul is left-handed, but played Van as ambidextrous to explain the right handed M1911 holster he wore in the film.
  • He was the only actor to actively play two different people in the film, though only his voice appears as the Italian Operator.
  • At one time, he was considered for the role of Jim.
  • Paul, Matthew and Elly Hughes worked together on another short film later, called 'Animals'. Paul has also worked with Patch Middleton in a short film called 'Thar be Ghosts'.


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