Ethan, called 'Police Operator' by the script, is a (now cut) minor character in Van Helsinki.

Final draft Edit

Ethan first appeared when Svetlana calls 999. He was called into the room by his colleague the Operator when Svetlana wants to report a 'most henious crime'. However, all other attempts at explanation from Svetlana's side of the line are cut short when Geoff Vampire, who is attacking the house, disconnects the phone line and swoops upon her. Regardless, the Police Operator then calls Inspector Someone-Who-Is-Not-David-Bowie to tell him about the case, and is presumably instructed to then call Van Helsinki and tell him that the Inspector wants to see him.

The Original Script Edit

In the original script, the Police Operator, along with most of the other characters, had an extra scene at the end in which he was contacted by the Inspector and told that everything was wrapped up. This scene also revealed that the Police Operator and the Inspector were probably good friends off-duty, as they had arranged a meeting at 'Sebastians at four'. This scene was cut as it didn't fit well with the ending of the final fight immedately before it.


Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • Only the one off camera line (over the phone) to Van Helsinki in 'Van Helsinki' saved the Police Operator from being a one scene character (like Mr. Løren and the Operator). However, the scenes were cut from the final release due to lack of time to film them.
  • Ethan's role was taken by the Italian Operator in the finshed film