A retcon, or, more properly, retroactive continuity, is the process of changing 'facts' in a work after the event, and 'writing them out' of the canon.

While all of the Van Helsinki fanfiction is only Word of St. Paul-level canon, some of the aspects have been subsequently retconned by Word of St. Paul itself.

'Dubious Canon'Edit

The beginnings of this process can be seen in the creation of 'Dubious Canon', which established that the fanfictions in question were not necessarily totally canon. This was a minor form of retcon, as it didn't explicitly explain what was and what was not canon in the specific fanfictions. Word of God did not intervene.

Current StanceEdit

The current stance is that if part of one of the retconned works is supported by another Word of St. Paul or Word of God-suppoted source, then it is legitimate to believe that this pat of the work is of the same canon level as the work which supports it. However, it does not make the rest of the fanfiction necessarily true.

List of Retconned WorksEdit


  • Interestingly, if Word of God was to decide these retconned elements were canon, this would indeed overide the retcon.

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