SIG-Sauer P228

The SIG-Sauer P228 was a pistol carried by Van Helsinki during the fanfictions Van Helsinki: The Hunt, Van Helsinki: The Big CheeseVan Helsinki: Never Finished and Van Helsinki: Retcon. It is described as Van's 'issued' weapon in The Hunt, meaning it was probably given to him when he rejoined the police as a police-issue weapon. Van draws the weapon to shoot one of the cleaners during The Hunt, though he is forced to drop the weapon shortly after. He also cocks this weapon next to the phone when asked to leave a message for ComsSecc. Van uses the weapon to finish off one guard he injured earlier during his infiltration of the ComsSecc HQ. Van then carries it in his hip holster during his infiltration of the ComsSecc HQ. He also uses it to shoot a conspiracy goon out of a window during The Big Cheese. Van later used this weapon to kill several hostage takers during Never Finished, reloading several times. Van was forced to hand in the weapon during the events of Van Helsinki: Retcon when he left the force.


  • Van Helsinki (The Hunt, The Big Cheese, Never Finished, Retcon)

Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • Van holsters the SIG 'at his side', implying it is in a hip holster and not the shoulder holster Van used before the Loren Case and during the events of Van Helsinki. This is confirmed in Retcon when he hands in the hip holster with it.
  • Van carries two spare magazines in a magazine pouch during Never Finished, marking the first time he has ever been described as carrying reloads for a gun, instead of carrying other guns.

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