The 'Grand Hiatus' is the name given to the period of time directly after the film Van Helsinki ends up until the end of the fanfiction Van Helsinki: Sophia's Plea. It describes the time that Van Helsinki spent outside the law, when he fled from the Red Herring Churchyard after killing Geoff Vampire and, earlier and more importantly, Fay Loren. Fay's death meant that Van had committed murder, and he fled from the police so as to avoid standing trial. While away, he saved Svetlana from an attack on her. Eventually, Van was discovered living not far from his old home, but he escaped from the police there and fled again. Two nights later, Van broke into the house of his old friend and partner Sophia, who he sought to kill. However, he was shot and injured by Sophia instead, and cornered by the police and Inspector Someone-Who-Is-Not-David-Bowie. Van agreed to come in and be debriefed on the events of the 'Geoff Case', if he got his old job back. The Inspector accepted, and Van collapsed and was taken to hospital.


  • The name 'hiatus' was originally used to describe this period in the summary of the fanfiction Van Helsinki: Aftermath, which reads 'Van wakes up after his hiatus, and finds trouble.'. The later fanfiction Van Helsinki: The Hunt was the first source to use the term 'Grand Hiatus', again in the summary: 'In the wake of his return to service after the Grand Hiatus, Van Helsinki must search for his former companion Professor Jenny Ford, who has disappeared.'
  • The term 'Grand Hiatus' is probably a reference to the term used by Sherlock Holmes fans to refer to the time he was presumed dead, the 'Great Hiatus'. 

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