Professor Ford and Inspector Someone-Who-Is-Not-David-Bowie, members of the Police

The Police, sometimes referred to as 'the agency' or 'the bureau', is the name for the organisation that Van Helsinki, Inspector Someone-Who-Is-Not-David-Bowie, Professor Ford and the Italian Operator worked for. In fanfiction and cut scenes, a larger number of characters work for the police, most notably Sophia.


The hierarchy that the agency works under is never explained in the film or the fanfictions. We know that Van Helsinki is heavily implied to be a police officer (and is called as such in the fanfictions), but whether the group that the Inspector seems to lead is part of the proper police, or simply attached to it, is never spelled out. The Inspector almost certainly has superiors, presumably those who blew up the 'shitstorm' which saw Van Helsinki fired after the Loren Case, but who they are is never specified. We catch a glimpse of some of these superiors when the Inspector is only a Sergeant in the fanfiction Van Helsinki: First Case.


Main Issued WeaponsEdit

See List of police-issued weaponry for a full list.

The Police force has a resident armourer, M. de Sadre, who seems to equip at least certain members of the force with custom weaponry, such as Van's hammerless Makarov. However, certain weapons, notably the MP5, USP and various forms of Glock, are probably standard issue. 

Notable CasesEdit