The Tumbleweed were a pair of tumbleweed which attacked Van Helsinki during his journey into the village during Van Helsinki.

The tumbleweed may have been under the control of Geoff Vampire , but if so they were animated by him and not controlled directly, as he did not know that Van Helsinki was in the village even after the tumbleweed had attacked the latter. They may also have simply been wild tumbleweed.

In either case, two tumbleweed appear in the film. The first is shot by Van as it flies through the air, and the second then attacks him by leaping into his face. Van kills it by shooting it several times and then kicking its corpse.


Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • The tumbleweed were controlled by Ollie Tallis, who also played Jim, an expert Tumbleweed technition.
  • Both tumbleweed were played by the same tumbleweed prop in the film.