'The Woman' was a black-haired woman who met with Van Helsinki during the fanfiction Van Helsinki: The Second Epilogue. She and Van had met and known each other before, in his past, when they had loved each other. Van had, unknown to her, helped to save her from being arrested by soldiers in a black van, when he turned a blind eye to her being rescued. Van then met her sometime after Sophia's death, when the Woman stopped him throwing his phone away. The two sat on a bench and chatted for a while, and ended up kissing. However, they were interrupted when a goup of soldiers in another black van turned up. The Woman said goodbye to Van, and jumped into the river, beign swept away to escape the soldiers. Van's meeting with her would cause him to be fired again from the police force.


Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • The name 'the Woman' does not appear as an actual title in any fanfiction. It may have been inspired by Sherlock Holmes calling Irene Adler 'the Woman' in Arthur Conan Doyle's story.
  • When the Woman says goodbye to Van, she does so in Egyptian Arabic, saying "Ma'a al salama", implying she is either Egyptian or has spent some time there.
  • She is unlikely to be dead, given that she told Van to keep his SIM card from his phone, and probably planned to contact him via it.
  • Her and Van lost contact originally just before Van met Professor Ford, according to Van Helsinki: First Contact.

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