Van Helsinki: Aftermath was a fanfiction on, detailling Van waking up and survivng an attempted assassination after his return to service.




Van Helsinki wakes up in hospital following the events of Van Helsinki and Sophia's Plea still badly injured. He gets up, and sees several assassins entering the building. Van uses a rope to climb out of the window, landing on the assassin's SUV and engaging in a fight with the driver, which Van wins. Van takes the driver's weaponry, and enters the hosptial again, seeing that one assassin and five police officers have died. Van goes up to the first floor, then fires off the driver's M4A1 to get the attention of the assassins on the floors above. They return, and surround the oor he has fired at, but he is hiding behind the door opposite, and shoots all three assassins, before collapsing.

Connection to other worksEdit

  • Van's injuries are those suffered in the film Van Helsinki and then in the fanfiction Van Helsinki: Sophia's Plea.