Van Helsinki: Another Leap is a fanfiction posted on, detailing a case in which Van Helsinki and Sophia took down an arms dealer called Edward de Furta. It follows on from Van Helsinki: Before the Case.




While on an undercover case with Sophia to deal with an arms dealer called Edward de Furta, Van is taken down by two thugs into a basement of a hotel, where Sophia has been captured by Edward. Edward thinks Van is actually his cover, but forces him to brutally beat up Sophia and then tells him to shoot her. Instead, Van kills his men, and chases him. After a fight, Van throws Edward over the balcony to his death, then returns to free Sophia. The two share a moment, then go to call for help.

Connection to other worksEdit

  • The title 'Another Leap', along with the jump Van makes, references his jump from Van Helsinki: Survival.
  • Sophia and Van's relationship is referenced in most other Sophia/Van fanfictions.
  • Van dropping Edward over the rail may be a reference to a scene that was at one time supposed to be in the final fight between Van and Geoff Vampire in the film, where Van would be held over a drop beside the church. Audio for the actor playing Van expressing his doubts about this can be heard on one of the film bloopers in the background.
  • This is one of only a few fanfictions that have Van not begin with a gun, and then only uses guns which he took from an enemy in the fanfic (others include Van Helsinki: Sophia's Plea and Van Helsinki: Aftermath.
  • 'The Case' mentioned in the fanfiction, which taught Van to 'talk and fight', is probably the one referenced in Van Helsinki: Survival.