Van Helsinki: Before the Case is a fanfiction on, detailling the events prior to a case that Van Helsinki and Sophia worked on. It is the prequel to the fanfiction Van Helsinki: Another Leap.




Van Helsinki and Sophia have just returned from a job to be briefed on their next mission. Sophia plays chess with one of her colleagues, a man called Chef. Van talks to the Inspector about his next mission, to go undercover and hunt down an arms dealer called Edward de Furta. He is given several new pistols by the arms master, M. de Sadre. Sophia and Van meet in a bar to discuss, but as Van leaves he realises that their drinks have been spiked. Van returns to save Sophia from a street gang (whose attack is probably out of revenge for the events of Van Helsinki: Survival), and then faces a rebuke by telephone from the Inspector for the whole mess.

Connection to other worksEdit

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