Van Helsinki: Collateral is a fanfiction featured on It details an assassination attempt made against Sophia.




Sophia arrives at an undisclosed location, but is attacked and throttled by three assailants. The garotte they are using breaks, so they attempt to drag her to a chair. Sophia resists, and manages to make one attack stab another. She pins their leader to the wall with a knife, but when he draws a gun, she is shot by the same bullet that passes through the other assailant, killing him. Sophia disarms the man in the suit, and interrogates him, shooting him in the knee and forcing him to admit that he was hired by the mysterious 'Treskow', and that her death was intended to hurt a friend of hers, obviously meant to be Van Helsinki. Sophia blacks out, and when she comes to, the man in the suit has been shot by a sniper.

Connection to other works


  • This is one of the only fanfictions to not feature Van Helsinki, and the only one not to mention him by name.

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