Van Helsinki: First Case is a fanfiction on, detailing the opening of the first case Van Helsinki went on as a police officer, and his first meetings with Sophia and the (then Sergeant) Someone-Who-Is-Not-David-Bowie.




Van Helsinki, fairly new at the police academy, finishes practising his shooting with a USP, holsters it and then moves into the corridor. He bumps into Sophia, who is also new, as her jacket catches on his USP holster. As they talk, alarms sound and they meet a Sergeant, who they follow into a room where the Sergeant decides to take them on the 'odd' case he is just going on, with the permission of his superiors. Van and Sophia follow the Sergeant, but he is short with them, explaining he has 'a long name'. He is revealed, though not by name, to be the Inspector.

Connection with other worksEdit

  • Van uses a USP pistol, probably the same one he abandons in Van Helsinki: Before the Case.
  • A reference to 'de Sadre' also links to th armourer from Before the Case.
  • This is the first time we meet Sophia and Someone-Who-Is-Not-David-Bowie, and the only time he is not an Inspector, though the end of the fanfictions says he will 'soon' be one.

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