Van Helsinki: Never Finished is a fanfiction on detailing one of Van Helsinki's cases after his retun to the force.




Following Van Helsinki's return to the police force, he returns to stop a politically-minded invasion and hostage situation in the city hall. Van kills two hostage takers, then a further four as he makes his way to where the hostagetakers are being held. Outside the room, Van reflects that this is not his style of case, and that Sophia woul usually deal with these issues, but with her dead, they now fall to him. Van then bursts into the room and kills a further five hostage takers, saving the hostages. The last hostage taker, injured, asks Van who he is. Van replies with 'Van Helsinki', and then shoots the hostage taker again, killing him.

Connection to other worksEdit

  • This fanfic bears a remarkable similarity to one plan for the pre-credits sequence of Van Helsequel.

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