Van Helsinki: One Night is a fanfiction published on It details one case in Van's Pre-Loren Case life. It also features Inspector Someone-Who-Is-Not-David-Bowie, Professor Ford and Sophia.




Van Helsinki is attending a meeting with two 'associates' of his, who try and have him killed. Van kills the woud-be assassin, and then the two other men agree to talk. Later, he and Ford breach a room, with him killing several of the men inside. Ford and Van search, in an alley, and Van discovers a 'red trail', presumably blood. Later, the Inspector begins to chew him out about the deaths, but stops short, instead telling Van that Ford is fond of him. Neither Van nor the Inspector have much to say after ths. Van later goes to Sophia's, and the two sleep together, but Van misses the 'simplicity' and 'normality' of Ford.

Connection to other worksEdit

  • Van and Sophia sleeping together is referenced in Van Helsinki: All the Hearts.
  • Van Helsinki's broken arm may be a reference to the damage he takes in previous fanfictions, most notably the two leaps in the events preceding 'Another Leap', and 'Another Leap' itself.
  • Van's use of automatic weapons is a reference to parts of the unplanned and unmade Van Helsequel.