Van Helsinki: Over is a fanfiction on, detailing the last case undertaken by Van Helsinki and Sophia.




Henry 'Tredscow' Trent has been hired to kill Van Helsinki, after a series of failed previous attempts. He and his team set up across the street from Van Helsinki's apartment, and Henry prepares to snipe him. However, they are interrputed by Sophia, who kills Trent's team. Henry gains the upper hand in a fight, but Van shoots him in the shoulder with a sniper rifle from acorss the road. Sophia manages to kill Henry, but in her annoyance at something (vaguely implied to be Van ignoring her in favour of Professor Ford) she kicks Trent;s body before turning him over, setting off some sort of explosive. Van rushes over to the roo,m but Sophia is too badly injured and dies in his arms. Van refuses to talk to the Inspector or the police, and all he says to Ford is 'It's over'.

Connection to other worksEdit

  • It is possible that the backers who paid for Van Helsinki's assassins are the same who hired 'Vladimir' in Van Helsinki: Before the Storm.
  • This is the first story to kill a character who has played a major role in more than one fanfiction, besides Van Helsinki: What If? which saw an alternate universe where Van Helsinki himself died.
  • Van's mention of Sophia looking perfect even after she had been tortured may be a reference to Van Helsinki: Another Leap.
  • 'Tredscow' as Henry Trent's codename may be a reference to 'Treadstone', the organisation which created Jason Bourne.

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