Van Helsinki: Sophia's Plea is a fanfiction on, detailing the post-Geoff case life of Sophia, and Van's rehabilitation into the police force.




After the events of Van Helsinki, Van Helsinki goes into hiding, and is hunted by the police for the death of Fay. Eventually, he is found, and after Ford fails to convince him to surrender, a shootout breaks out. Van escapes and kills injures officers, but is himself injured by Sophia and forced to flee. Sophia lives in fear of him for a week or so, before he breaks into her house and steals her gun from her. A 'crack' followed by a 'dull thud' are heard as Sophia shoots Van with a gun under her pillow. Van had removed the magazine, but forgotten the bullet in the chamber. Van and Sophia talk for a while, but they are interrupted by a house breach by the Inspector, who gasses the room out. He calls on Van to surrender, which Van eventually does, in return for his old police job back. He then collapses, and is carried away.

Connection to other worksEdit

  • Sophia had appeared in two previous fanfictions, Van Helsinki: Before the Storm and Van Helsinki: Sophia's Calls. This fanfiction describes her after the case, completing the cycle of before, during and after stories. With the addition of the second chapter to this story, it also becomes a study of Van Helsinki, and his position before, during and after the events of the Geoff Case.
  • Sophia's claim to Van that he once loved her references not only Van calling her 'darling Sophia' in the fanfic 'Before the Storm', but also to Geoff Vampire's claim that Van had broken many hearts. Presumably, Sophia's was one of them. Later suggestions in All the Hearts and especially One Night imply they slept together.
  • Van's use of a P99 and two M9's in his escape references his loading up of the guns in the film, though unlike the fanfiction, he never uses them onscreen.
  • Van's forgetting of the bullet in the chamber is perhaps a reference to the (deliberate) lack of gun safety displayed by Van in the film.