Van Helsinki: Survival is a fanfiction on, detailing the end of one of the cases Van Helsinki made as a detective. It serves as a prequel to Van Helsinki: Before the Case.




Van chases several street gang memebers in a lorry, and manages to ram them off the road, though he then has to bail out when the lorry explodes. Van breaks several ribs, but begins walking towards the gang members. He loses his gun, and is shot at by one gang member, but Sophia covers him and shoots the goon. However, the leader detonates a bomb, blowing himself up. Van is met by Sophia, who points out that Van made it.

Connection to other worksEdit

  • Van's jump is mentioned in Before the Case.
  • The leap from the hotel is mentioned in Van Helsinki: Another Leap (and the leap in Another Leap is the 'other leap' to the leap in Survival).
  • The line 'you made it' is used in Van Helsinki by Geoff to Van.