Van Helsinki: The Next Case, originally titled Van HelsinkII, is a rumoured but unreleased script which tells of the further adventures of Van Helsinki after the film Van Helsinki. It was written by Paul Reynolds, who had also written a Van Helsinki novelisation and the various Vanfics. With this in mind, it seems that the script would fit into the canon of the Vanfics and the film. Only small pieces of information are known about the script, which hasd never been released to the public. Mention is made in the vanfic Van Helsinki: Retcon, that Van had 'saved the world', and also a mysterious mention of 'the crystal'. Both of these are yet to appear in any fanfiction, lending credence to the idea that they feature in the script. A previous version of the Retcon fanfiction also mentioned 'Wollen', a character who has never appeared in any fanfiction, implying he too may have been a part of the script, though who he was is unknown.

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