Van Helsinki: The Second Epilogue is a fanfiction on, detailing Van Helsinki meeting 'the Woman'. It is set after Van Helsinki: Over.



Van Helsinki is moping following the death of Sophia. He plans on throwing his phone into the river, so that the Inspector will be forced to meet him in person to ask him to return to the force. Before he can throw the phone away, his arm is stopped by an unnamed Woman. Van remembers her from his past, when he loved her, and helped save her from being dragged away in a black van by soldiers. The two sit down on a bench, and chat for an hour or so. Van throws his phone away, feeling satisfied, but keeps his SIM on the recomendation of the Woman. The two end up kissing, but they are interrupted by a black van which pulls up, filled with soldiers. The Woman flees, diving into the river. Van is interrogated by the soldiers, but claims he doesn't known where she has gone, leading to their leader threatening that Van will have 'hell to pay'. Once the soldiers have left, Van reflects that his next meeting with the Inspector will not be enjoyable.

Connections to other works and triviaEdit

  • Van's moping at the beginning of the fanfiction shows his distress at Sophia's death during Van Helsinki: Over.
  • The Woman insisting Van keeps his SIM could imply that she plans on contacting him later.
  • The title 'The Second Epilogue' presumably refers to this being the 'epilogue' of Van's second career in the police force, seeing as he is fired again in the next fanfiction, Van Helsinki: Retcon.

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