There have been several different title fonts and styles used during the marketing of Van Helsinki. Currently, no font has been carried over from one source to the next, meaning there is no 'official' Van Helsinki font (at least until the film comes out).

Van HelsinkiTeaser

The Tease Trailer title

Teaser Trailer

The Teaser Trailer title uses slowly appearing silver and pointed writing.


The DVD trailer title

DVD Trailer

The DVD trailer has white, more blocky writing, with jagged edges.


The Wiki Font title

Wiki Font

The Wiki uses orange writing and a more 'natural' and less even style.


The Teaser Poster title

Teaser Poster FontEdit

The Teaser Poster uses a similar style to the Teaser Trailer, but it has a red shadow behind the silver letters.


The Poster title

Main Poster FontEdit

The Main Poster uses vaguely similar writing to the DVD Trailer style, but in a black colour, with slashes and gaps through it.

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