Van Helsinki is ambidextrous, as stated by both Word of God and Word of St. Paul. This is logical, as the actor playing Van Helsinki, Paul Reynolds, is left-handed, but decided to play Van as ambidextrous.

He had this to say on the subject:

"I originally decided to play Van as ambidextrous because of the position of the shoulder holster I wore, which meant I would draw the weapon right-handed, but I wanted an excuse to not have to do everything right-handed. After that, it [ambidextrousness] became something of an interesting character quirk for me to portray."

A list of the times Van uses his left and right hands will show his lack of real preference:

  • Van's M1911 in trousers is left handed position. (Left)
  • Turns taps on with both hands (Ambi)
  • Shoulder holster is right handed (Right)
  • Uses both hands to check weaponry (Ambi)' (e.g. M9 slide is wracked with right hand, P99 the reverse)
  • Uberti revolver is spun and held in both hands, but revolver is fired with left (Ambi/Left)
  • Shotgun on right shoulder in relephone box (Right)
  • Uses left hand to draw and fire Beretta Raffica (Left)
  • Uses right hand to draw and fire Beretta 92 variant (despite having chance to switch hands) (Right)
  • Holds Norty Nigel in left hand before running up to door, but fires Nigel with right hand (Left/Right)
  • Holds Beretta 92 variant in right hand, then draws Uberti revolver with left (Right/Ambi)
  • Holds and uses Spade left handed (Left)
  • Draws M1911 with right hand, but passes it over to left immediately, uses it for Mozambique Drill, and holds it with left hand for all of run, then holsters it with left hand (Left)
  • Draws an attacks with Stake with right hand (Right)
  • Draws and fires M1911 in left hand (despite right hand holster) (Left) 
  • Catches Geoff Vampire's foot with mostly left hand (Left)
  • Draws Stake with right hand, and stakes Geoff (Right)

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