The page is composed of rumour and hearsay. The truth of anything on this page is up for debate.

The Van Helsinki novelisation is the term given to rumours of an an-yet unreleased and unpublished novelisation of the film Van Helsinki.

The first rumours of a Van Helsinki novelisation came from Paul Reynolds, who mentioned them in passing in context with the fanfiction Van Helsinki: Mind of Madness on June 10th 2013. Paul described the fanfiction as:

"a one-shot which was originally to form part of a since-scrapped Van Helsinki novelisation which I couldn't be asked to write".

The fanfiction in question (and also the Van Helsinki: What If, released at the same time) take a 'darker and edgier' view of the existing film. Several of the more extreme elements of these 'early fanfictions' have since been retconned by Word of St. Paul out of existence.

However, on 15th May 2014, Paul mentioned a Van Helsinki novelisation, explicitly described as being darker and edgier. This has not, however, been released anywhere to the public.

Little is known of this 'novelisation', except that it seems to be written mostly following Van Helsinki, and occassionally switching to follow Woman or Svetlana. It seems that large parts of 'Van Helsinki: Mind of Madness', with some editing, were reused in the story. Some informal discussion has suggested that while most of the story is written in third-person, the Svetlana chapters are first-person.

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