Word of God is simply the facts explained by the director, producer or script writer which are not seen or verified onscreen. For example, the fact that Geoff and Van Helsinki were old acquaintances, but not good friends, is never mentioned on screen, but the director has stated that this was how they first knew each other, thus, Word of God says they were acquaintances but never really close friends.

Word of God is trumped by the screenplay and the final script for accuracy (so if the script said different, that would be the 'official' fact used in all descriptions).

In the case of Van Helsinki, 'Word of God' is little used, and there is an overwhelming amount of 'Word of St. Paul' instead (see below).

'Word of St. Paul'Edit

'Word of St. Paul' is the cast and crew's opinions which have not been verified by the 'Word of God'. It is a step down in the 'canon chart' from 'Word of God'. For example,the fact that Van Helsinki did not gain regeneration after his mind-washing is never mentioned on screen, but the actor has said this is what occurred. Thus, Word of St. Paul says Van never had regenerative abilities.

In order of canon:Edit

  • The film (what is seen on screen)
  • The final script
  • Word of God
  • Word of St. Paul
  • The earlier scripts
  • Anything else (so fanfiction etc.)
  • Dubious Fanfiction (fanfiction designated as such by Word of God or Word of St. Paul)

Examples of this in playEdit

Behind the scenes and triviaEdit

  • The names 'Word of God' and 'Word of St. Paul' are taken from TV Tropes.
  • A list of articles needing Word of God clarification is found here.
  • The concept of Dubious Canon was created by Paul Reynolds, the main editor of this site. Dubious Canon refers to fanfiction, of which some parts or aspects may be true, but which certain parts are either highly suspect or simply wrong, without that fact affecting the rest of the fanfiction. For example, Mind of Madness implies that Van hallucinated Creepy Man, a notion rejected by Word of St. Paul, but this does not reject the fact that the fanfiction mentions a girlfriend of Van Helsinki's who is recognised as canon by Word of St. Paul.